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An Affordable Purchase To Reduce Your Running Costs

In today's modern office kitchen, there is no greater frustration than finding out that the industrial water boiler is once again out of action, or worse still, is no longer accessible. Cheap boilers are thrown into projects quickly and, once stuck to the wall and wired in, are immovable until destruction, meaning that with kitchen refits, there is often an old boiler in the corner that nobody is able to conveniently reach, rendering it useless.

Thankfully, the CT range from Instanta mitigates all of the above problems with durable, cost effecive and user friendly counter top boilers. The Instanta CT range of boilers are of benefit to anyone with a residential or commercial setup; however, they are of particular value to businesses, whose kitchens and boilers see regular traffic from colleagues and customers. Many manufacturers or fitters will simply install cheap boilers from other well known makes. These may cope with the odd cup of coffee, but in an environment where the boiler is used every few minutes, especially in a building with a 24/7 staff pattern, the wear and tear will really start to show in the form of repeated breakdowns, lessened yield and the eventual, final break that sees the boiler off to the scrapyard.

The CT range is synonymous with durability and sturdiness. They are built with constant, heavy use in mind, with models featuring twin taps to get those cups filled as quickly as possible. Additionally, the boilers are counter top mountable, meaning no more leaning across colleagues to fill the cup, and if a breakdown occurs, the unit can simply be picked up and repaired or swapped out with no costly removal. With features such as 7 day programmable timers, and temperature control set by the user, the boiler can be set to switch on for the morning rush, and power down at the end of the day.

When the units are not in use, the Instanta CT range can easily and quickly be set to run in 'eco mode', with reduced power output and no need for a hot water supply, the boilers can simply be plugged into a cold feed and the boiler will do the rest.

With other brand name boilers costing upwards of £1500 + VAT, the Instanta CT range represent a much cheaper outright purchase, and incredible cost savings in the long run, ensuring maximim profitability for your business.
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