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Frequently Asked Questions

Need a new water boiler? Here are eight key questions to ask

Whether you're a catering company, cafe or sports stadium, every business needs hot water. What businesses don't need are appliances that waste energy, time and are unreliable.

We've looked at some key questions to consider before making your purchase...

  1. Where do you want your boiler to be positioned?

    At Instanta, we make four main types of boiler - counter top, under counter, wall mounted and steamer boilers.

    • Counter top boilers - these flagship boilers can be placed on any flat counter top, allowing instant access to high-quality boiling hot water, wherever you need it most

    • Under counter boilers - with the main system hidden away under counter, this type of boiler leaves only the stylish tap on show, with the additional benefit of more counter top space

    • Wall mounted boilers - perfect for areas without any counter top space, wall mounted boilers allow for reliability and ease of use. They can also be installed away from the sink

    • Steamer boilers - a counter top product, essential for any hot beverage-making establishment.

  2. How much water do you need?

    Establishing how much water you need at any peak time will help to indicate the capacity of boiler needed, as well as what the heat up time needs to be to meet future demand. Larger models typically take more time to heat up but can produce a lot more cups in a single fill - essential if you work in the catering industry.

  3. How important is energy efficiency?

    The answer is undoubtedly 'very'. By opting for the correct capacity, you'll already avoid wasting energy and money but you should also look out for products with a high ErP rating to ensure high energy efficiency with lower whole life costs. Energy grades go from A++ (the highest) to G (lowest).

    Thanks to our drive towards energy efficiency, our state-of-the-art electronics, smart energy-saving ECO modes and integral seven-day programmable timers work towards optimising energy efficiency, with all models featuring a fully insulated tank to reduce heat loss.

    Read more about our environmental commitment here.

  4. Is your business based in a hard water area?

    Higher-quality filtration results in purer-tasting water, which can make all the difference when creating a great tasting brew. If you're in one of many hard water areas - over 60 percent of the UK suffers from hard water - you're likely to experience higher levels of limescale which can damage the longevity of your products as well as impact the taste of drinks. We can cater for businesses in hard water areas by offering products with built-in, multi-functional filtration. Alternatively, we have a range of filters, from one to five microns, which can be used with any Instanta product.

    You can find out more about filtration and how to know when to change your filter here.

  5. Buttons or taps?

    Does your business require taps or push button filling? While some catering businesses may prefer the simplicity of taps for selective water filling, others may prefer push button control for the delivery of programmable and measured water which minimises water waste.

  6. Is health and safety a concern?

    All businesses want to minimise risks, but there are some environments when user safety is vital. Look out for boilers such as the Instanta SureFlow Plus Touch Counter Top that features early warning LCD diagnostics, boil dry protection and safety locking systems - perfect for high security users or where health and safety is a priority.

  7. Do you want a product that stands the test of time?

    Of course you do. Thankfully all our boilers are made from high-grade materials and components such as 304 grade stainless steel and custom designed micro-electronics. The materials we use are the most advanced of any comparable product, ensuring they are built to last. Designed and engineered for the commercial environment, all Instanta hot water boilers are robust and give unrivalled reliability year after year.

  8. Is a warranty important?

    No one wants a water boiler that regularly breaks down and can't fulfil its purpose. A warranty is a good indication of a durable boiler as well as giving you peace of mind in case your product requires attention. We offer a one year warranty on steamer boilers and a two year warranty on all other products.

To view the full range of products, please click here, request a brochure or call us on 01704 501 114.

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