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Beginners Guide To Sous Vide Cooking

Sous vide is a method of cooking food in a vacuum-sealed pouch and immersing it in temperature-controlled simmering water. The biggest advantage of this is that the food never gets hotter than the temperature of the water, thereby allowing the cook to attend to other things without the concern of over-cooking the dish. Another benefit of sous vide is being able to leave the food unattended for extended periods without fear of spoilage, thanks to the airtight bag. While it's been around for a while, sous vide is becoming increasing popular in restaurants due to a burgeoning demand by discriminating customers for consistent high-quality food.


The Instanta Culinaire cooking system has without a doubt become a favourite of commercial kitchens for many recent years, because of its ability to produce quality food and to maintain it. The Sous Vide has been featured on many cooking shows, including the Food Network, as a great option for creating awesome food quickly. With summer quickly approaching, the Sous Vide, at any level, will be a great addition to your commercial kitchen, and, with barbecue being a huge trend, being able to prepare meats with little or no constant monitoring is going to free up a huge amount of time for your staff to attend to other duties instead of spending time judging the perfect cooking level of meats.


The Instanta Sous Vide Culinaire line includes two premium-quality units: the SVP25, with 25-litre capacity, and the SV38, with a 38 litres capacity. The Culinaire line also offer two standard units: The SV18, and the SV12.


The premium options come with a two-year guarantee and a range of quality factors, including high-volume water tanks designed for easy drainage, as well as a low-water-level warning feature. These two units also include a distinctive water agitation system that circulates water to eradicate cold spots. The standard units come with a one-year guarantee. All products in the range are manufactured according to industry standards.


You simply can't go wrong with the Instanta Sous Vide line of digital water baths. They will increase the efficiency of your kitchen, improve the quality of your food, and definitely create an upsurge in the reputation of your dishes.

The sous vide is the future of the modern commercial kitchen. And an Instanta Sous Vide is going to be a part of your future.

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