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Benefits of the Instanta Water Steam Boiler


Steam and Water Boilers from Instanta offer a cost and energy efficient alternative to old water boilers. They also include a high powered steam nozzle with interchangeable heads, so that the user can create a wide range of drinks and even heat sauces, custard, and other products. Chosen for their intuitive controls and stylish appearance, our steam and boiler range has proven popular with many businesses, ranging from offices to receptions and from cafes to restaurants.

Save Money and Energy

Old water boilers and tea urns tend to lose heat quite quickly, especially as they age. Not only do they rely on just a sheet of metal for insulation, nozzles and taps can lose heat via steam output. Instanta boilers have been designed and crafted to ensure greater insulation and improved heat retention properties so that you can save money and energy.

Designed For Fast Boiling – Save Time

Whether you have customers waiting at the counter, or employees waiting to go into important meetings, we understand the importance of time, and saving a few minutes with every cup of tea or coffee quickly adds up. The steam nozzle can even be used to quickly inject heat into some products.

Interchangeable nozzles provide slow steaming, which is ideal for frothing milk for cappuccino making, or fast steaming, which enables the user to quickly inject heat into drinks like hot coffee, and into food products like custards and sauces. This means that our steam and boiler range can be used to create a large range of both drinks and food items.

Modern Electronic Controls – Simple And Intuitive Use

Modern electronic controls mean that the user does not have to learn the intricacies of mechanical and archaic controls. Digital controls also mean that there is a greater range of options and selection of settings available, further ensuring that everybody can enjoy hot food and hot drinks whenever they want them.

Attractive Design

Whether a water boiler and steamer is being used in the reception area of an office, in the boardroom of a large enterprise, or behind the counter in a café or restaurant, looks matter. Instanta boilers have been designed to be attractive and stylish so that they won’t look out of place in even the most modern of establishment.

Instanta offers a large water boiler and steamer range, including those designed for large water capacity requirements, and those for use in high-end establishments. Browse our website or feel free to contact one of the team to discuss your water heating requirements.

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