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Do your bit to help people refill, not landfill

Is your establishment a Refill station yet? If not, get on board! All you have to do is provide anyone who wants it - customers or not - with free refills of water.

The Refill scheme is a national campaign aimed at making refilling reusable bottles easy and free. By encouraging cafes, restaurants and businesses to take part, anyone out and about should never have a reason to buy a single-use bottle of water.

Reducing single-use plastic bottle waste is an absolute must, and this applies to individuals and businesses alike. However, as the weather warms up, it’s crucial that we stay hydrated.

If you’re an Instanta chiller customer, why not offer this great-tasting, beautifully chilled water? You could even provide slices of cucumber, lemon and orange to flavour your customers’ newly-filled bottles.

For your customers who still need their caffeine fix, whatever the weather, a nice gesture is to offer a discount to those who bring in their own reusable cup. This also saves you buying as many coffee cups.

For more information on the Refill campaign, visit:

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