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Introducing the new UCD40/STA

Providing large groups of individuals with a reliable source of hot water can be challenging. Whether referring to convention centres, stadiums or arenas, this has often proved to be quite a logistical challenger. Thanks to the introduction of the new "Incredible Bulk" line of hot water dispensers supplied by Instanta, such concerns can now be easily addressed. With the ability to supply an impressive 40 litres of hot water per hour, satisfying the needs of even the largest of crowds has never been easier. What are some of the unique features of the UCD40/STA water heater?

Adjustable Heat Controls

The UCD40/STA will supply preheated water at a temperature of 85ºC although the user has the option to draw water between 80ºC and 95ºC based upon his or her discretion. As a recirculating mode is built within the device, drinks of lower temperatures are no longer a concern. This was an issue which had previously plagued hot water dispensers. Due to rapid heating methods, a full tank of water can be raised to these desired temperatures within 85 minutes.

Flexibility and Efficiency

Another notable aspect of the Instanta Incredible Bulk is that it functions with a measured delivery system or an on-demand setting can be employed for real-time needs that may change depending upon the event. This will also be able to save a substantial amount of energy.

In fact, the UCD40/STA offers a built-in energy saving mode. With a power rating of 3 kilowatts, it is one of the most efficient units in existence. Still, other benefits go far beyond power consumption alone. Early-warning sensors are able to alert the user to the presence of lime scale as well as if the system is over-boiling the water. LCD readouts display all of the relevant metrics and five separate water sensors contribute to the flexibility that can be enjoyed. Within stadiums and arenas, these user-friendly additions will make managing water distribution to substantial crowds much easier than in the past.

As the unit offers push-button dispensers and is constructed from stainless steel (both the exterior case and the heating chamber), it is built to last. The UCD40/STA comes equipped with a two-year guarantee on all parts and labour. For anyone who has been searching for a reliable means to distribute hot water to a large crowd, the Instanta Incredible Bulk is the unit of choice.

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