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The Best of Sous Vide Cooking

The Best of Sous Vide Cooking

Sous Vide cooking has become all the rage within many culinary circles during recent years. This is a method which involves vacuum sealing a bag of food and then immersing it in hot water. As a result, the product will cook slowly while its sumptuous flavours are locked inside. Let us briefly examine the top five foods which are ideally suited to be cooked in this manner.

1. Eggs
As eggs are already contained within their own shell, there is actually no need for them to be placed inside of a vacuum bag. Depending upon the length of time in the water, they can be poached to perfection or scrambled into a rich creamy texture that you wouldn't have experience before.

2. Steak

Sous vide cooking is an excellent way to capture the flavour that grilling or roasting just cannot achieve. A steak as you know it, can be transformed with a little enhancement and infusion of other ingredients such as maple syrup and crushed black pepper.

3. Carrots

With sous vide cooking, this delectable vegetable can take on a life of its own. Not only will the carrots emerge soft and tender, but other ingredients including dill, butter, coriander and garlic can provide this tasty side dish with a flavour of its own.

4. Tempered Chocolate

Another great idea for an unforgettable dessert involves the sinful allure of chocolate. One of the best aspects of this recipe is that the entire cooking time is normally no more than 10 to 15 minutes. Removing the mixture and kneading it around while it is in the bag will help to keep an even consistency. This chocolate can then be used for dipping or as a garnish atop a pastry.

5. Poached Pears

This recipe actually involves a few steps. First, the pears are peeled and placed within a vacuum bag until they are soft to the touch. Then, wine will be added to the mixture so that it is absorbed by their flesh. Finally, the cores of the pears are removed, cream cheese is placed inside and the mixture is allowed to sit until it is cool.

These are five easy recipes that can be enjoyed with our digital water baths. It is indeed clear to appreciate why sous vide cooking has become so very popular.

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