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Why Instanta water boilers are perfect for the growing travel hubs sector

With high street cafes feeling the pinch (8m fewer visits recorded between June 2018 - 19[1]), there is one area that is enjoying huge growth. Foodservice outlets within travel hubs  - of which there are over 11,000 in the UK - have seen a seven percent increase in visits for the year ending June 2019, with airports and motorway service stations seeing the most growth[2].

Such an increase has carved out a sector in itself, and one that manufacturers ignore at their own risk. People travelling often think of their holiday starting the minute they leave the house, meaning they are willing to spend on food and drink - if only to make a long journey more enjoyable. And, unlike service stations of old, where quality was definitely not a word used for the catering (or facilities) on offer, we now see more variety and a higher quality experience all round.

From small coffee kiosks to larger restaurant chains, every outlet will be in need of a reliable commercial water boiler to service the millions of people who pass through each year. And, with breakfast a key offering for these outlets - accounting for one in five visits - hot drinks will be in high demand.

Our range of products has been designed to suit any requirement, no matter the space or delivery. One of our new products, the SureFlow Counter-Top Filtered 19 litre boiler (CTS19F/6) is ideal to meet high demand, and with a reduced width of just 244mm, can fit into compact spaces. Its hourly output of 342 cups of boiling water ensures customers can be served quickly and efficiently.

For areas where counter space is even more restricted, our range of under-counter water boilers featuring the compact and sleek InstaTap is the perfect solution. With a choice of five capacities from 5 to 47 litres, these small but mighty boilers offer programmable measurements of water for even faster service of those all-important morning beverages. And, with the UCB5 model being just 135mm wide, even the smallest serving area can enjoy the benefits of a high volume delivery water boiler.

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