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Why You Should Drink Your Coffee Black

If you're a coffee lover, you'll probably share with many others that craving for a shot of caffeine in the morning - and the good news is coffee really does have many proven health benefits. Black coffee has certain associations in western culture, such as keeping you alert, and national driving associations now recommend stopping for regular breaks and coffee on long journeys.

Many people are not aware of the potential health benefits of drinking black coffee. As a plant sourced dietary contributor, coffee is, like tea, crammed with health giving antioxidants and bioflavonoids linked to reduced risks of many chronic illnesses and ageing. Risks of prostate cancer in a U.S. study were found to be reduced by up to 60% in coffee drinkers compared to non coffee drinkers. Reduced risks, as high as 50% for coffee drinkers, were also found for colon, liver and breast cancers.

The vitamins and minerals found in coffee include chromium, potassium, magnesium, niacin and vitamin E. Chromium is known to have a role in the control of blood sugar, helping the body metabolise insulin, and helps keep cholesterol levels down.

Of course, all the health giving benefits of coffee are there whether you drink your coffee black or not. So why should you drink your coffee black?

Firstly, it's fast. You don't need anything else, and worrying about if the milk has gone off first thing in the morning isn't the best way to start your day. A shot of expresso is a real pit stop to perk up your energy and attention levels.

Secondly it's definitely still cool. In Italy, cappuccino is for babies and old ladies. Can you picture James Dean with a frothy caramel latte? Admit it, don't you feel just a little bit badass ordering your coffee black...

Thirdly, it's low fat. You could drink it till the cows bother to come home without picking up more than a few calories. Add milk and sugar and you're talking at least 50 calories.

And lastly black coffee gives you the opportunity to become a connoisseur and really appreciate the amazing variations of flavour available. Learn to tell your Arabica (80% of the world's coffee production) from your Robusta (20% of the world's coffee production and the highest in terms of caffeine levels). Bean varieties and different roasts provide flavours as rich and varied as in fine wines, and drinking high quality coffee black gives the aromas and flavours a real chance to shine.

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